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The founder of Milliken, PLC and the creator of The Inc. Link® is James T. Milliken, who has practiced law in Phoenix, Arizona since 1962.  The Inc. Link® grew out of his conviction that the new, small business needed a reliable liability shield to protect its owners in case of business failure or catastrophic loss, at an affordable cost.

Lawyers have incorporated business for hundreds of years, but for a variety of reasons, many small business owners (1) felt that they paid more than they should for the liability shield and related legal services, (2) didn't incorporate because of cost considerations or (3) patronized non-lawyer incorporating companies (with varying results). 

Our service was designed to solve the cost problem, and to provide the quality of legal counsel at competitive cost. Everyone knows established businesses make effective use of lawyers, so the trick is to provide quality service to the new business at a manageable cost. We manage this because of efficiency and volume, providing the service you need now while your business is young. The subject of legal cost management and other helpful hints for your guidance in dealing with lawyers is found in our free guidance on dealing with attorneys.

Each of the states requires that you select a resident of that state to be your agent to receive service of process and other notices for the corporation. Upon your request, we will arrange for a competent, experienced lawyer or associated firm to serve as your resident agent, or to be available for consultation even if the attorney personally is not your resident agent. As your business grows, you may call upon that lawyer for advice and assistance as you need it and can afford it. 

In a perfect world you would do more legal planning up front, and for those who can afford it there is no question that is the best approach. In the real world, most new businesses will need to plan as they go and as they grow, and the key is to have a competent, experienced advisor available when needed. 

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James T. Milliken graduated from the Ohio State University College of Law in 1961, summa cum laude, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and The Order of the Coif. He was admitted to the State Bar of Arizona in 1962, and is the member of the bar of the U.S. District Court of Arizona and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He has been engaged in the general practice of law in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona since that date with particular emphasis upon corporate and securities law.