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Free trademark search: US Patent Trademark Office. We'll give you the link to the USPTO site in just a moment. First, it is important that you realize that (1) trademark or service mark searches can be shallow or deep (and infinite gradations between the two) and (2) considering the limitations of this free search, why depth of the trademark search matters.

Even though it is not the final answer and cannot provide you with the assurance that you are 100 percent safe in using the trademark or service mark if you find no conflict, your first step is still to search the records of the USPTO to find potential conflicts with marks presently registered or filed for registration. This review is a "knockout" search, meaning that the discovery of a confusingly similar mark means you are "knocked out", and that you are better off looking for a new mark.

Some private companies purchase and reassemble the USPTO data and permit you to review it on their own Web site, at least in part to keep you from straying from their site. Such a review can never be as current (see free trademark search exception) as the official USPTO DATA, which CAN BE ACCESSED FOR FREE(

Once you have reviewed the USPTO records, or if you want us to do so as a part of filing a trademark application through us, feel free to return to this site. We realize we are violating a marketing rule by directing you away from our site, but we believe that it is the proper thing to do if you want to conduct as complete a pending and registered mark review as you can, without spending any money. Just remember that while an unfavorable result is a red light, a favorable result is not a green light.


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