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From time to time, we anticipate being able to post special offers for your consideration. You may want to bookmark this page for future reference.

Special Offer(s):

(1) Nevada LLC or corporation formed for $99 by Milliken PLC. Call 1-877-462-5465 or order online (enter order code NVINC).

(2) the anonymous LLC (participant(s) identities not public record) from Milliken PLC. Call 1-877-462-5465 or email.

(3) Arizona or Kansas registered agent from LawyerAgents for 50% off first year (regular $99, your total cost $49) and life-of-your-company 25% discount off each year thereafter (regular $99 per year, your total cost $75 per year). Available for new companies, regardless of who forms the company, and for change of agent for existing companies (for changes, LawyerAgents pays the state change fee and does all paperwork to complete the change, and will make the change effective when your present agent fee is due, so that there will be no duplication of expense). Call 1-800-669-9805 or email or order online (enter order code AZKS).


There may also be miscellaneous material added from time to time, separately marked so that if you're looking for the special offers but not the miscellaneous material, you need not spend a great deal of time looking at this page. (Naturally we hope that any such miscellaneous material will be useful to you but, as they say, "utility [beauty] is in the eye of the beholder."


Our affiliate, the TM Link, has just finished uploading a hypothetical trademark infringement case, which deals with a number of facets of trademark law which should be of interest to anyone with an interest in trademarks and service marks., a law firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is now affiliated

with thenetwork of corporate professionals.



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