forming a North Carolina corporation


North Carolina corporations online special ; costs (see below for LLCs):

SERVICES: our law firm will

   transmit your corporation for filing within 24 hours after your approval and payment, prior to which we will

   check your name with the Secretary of State and with domain name registration.

   check pending and registered trademarks with the USPTO for possible exact matches.

   pay any filing fees for regular Secretary of State service

   draft Articles of Incorporation and make provision for six months free registered agent service ($ 50 for the first year, home state incorporations only) where we serve as your agent (if you select this option, it may extend the time of filing).

   prepare and submit to you for signature (in a PDF file) the application for the federal tax identification number (optional).

   register your domain name and pay the registration fee (optional).

When the Secretary of State has acknowledged filing your corporation, we will draft your Bylaws, Minutes of Organization Meeting, stock certificates, investment letters and Right of First Refusal Agreement and send them to you in a PDF file. We will include checklists with respect to major items to be done now and in the future to organize and maintain your corporation. We will provide you with the password to our Client Login section, which provides information to assist you during the period immediately following incorporation.

COSTS: Our charge for these services (including the necessary payouts) is $345 (only $315 with this online special offer) ("base fee") ($125 more for expedited service by the Secretary of State, $55 more if we get your federal tax identification number ($160 more for both, only $455 total including expedite and tax number with this online special offer), and $50 more (including the cost of registration) if we register your domain name). Our charge for serving as registered agent is $99 per year (six months free the first year for home state incorporations) and $149 per year if we serve as registered agent and maintain and pay renewal fees for your domain name registration ($50 per year to maintain and pay renewal fees for your domain name registration only).

Contact us if you have any questions.

North Carolina LLCs online special: (see above for corporations)

Same SERVICES as above (except that the names of the documents we provide are Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement and membership interest documents instead of Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and stock certificates). COST is the same except that the base fee is $395 (only $345, or $485 total including expedite and tax number, with this online special offer).



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