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There are two parts to this puzzle: getting a registered agent and qualification. Taking the registered agent question first, you can't "do it yourself" in a province other than your home state or province, and you will need help. One service provides the lower costs associated with some non-lawyer registered agents with the quality of the service you get when a lawyer is your registered agent.

Some tout their particular expertise in matters related to a given business (for example, collection agencies or construction licensing schools), but even if you accept that, remember that the claimed expertise has no relationship to the service you want and are entitled to receive from a registered agent - that, traditionally, is the province of those versed in the law and the only question is how much you have to pay for that particular expertise. You can specify as your registered agent regardless of who does the qualification and save money in the process.

As to the second question (qualification itself), whoever does it, you should have enough confidence in the overall expertise of that person or company that you believe that your individual concerns are properly addressed. The choices range from the day laborer who sets himself up at night as a web-based business qualification service to the cream of the crop corporation lawyers. The cost of the process will vary accordingly, but not as much as in the case of formation of the company in the first place. if you have time on your hands, a need to save money and enough confidence in your own knowledge and skills, you can do it yourself. We have provided the links you need.

Take a look at what it would cost to have it done by a lawyer or a non lawyer service. To minimize cost, look for a service where there is some inital review of your situation by a well qualified person with the balance of the work done by subordinates. In the end, however, you have the choice. It is proper that you should - just be careful about it. Click for lawyer assistance or to hear about the costs and claimed advantages of lawyer services (or go to some other lawyer website) or click non lawyer assistance (or go to some other non-lawyer site) to hear about the costs and claimed advantages of non-lawyer assistance.

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