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Registered Agent, Statutory Agent -What is it and Why is One Necessary?

State laws require corporations and LLCs to have registered agents, sometimes called "Statutory Agents" or "Resident Agents." We refer to them generically as "Resident Agents" because they typically must reside in the state where you form your company. The required listing of the agent's name and office address with the state gives the public notice where to send or deliver important documents to your corporation or LLC. States generally require that you provide more than a post office box.

The resident agent receives important legal and tax documents, including service of process, franchise tax forms, and annual report forms.

The company may not name itself as its own agent. If you incorporate or form an LLC in the state where your business is located, an officer or other participant can act on behalf of the corporation or LLC. However, appointing a qualified, experienced attorney or associated firm as your resident agent provides your company the assurance that these critical documents will be handled correctly and efficiently.

Resident Agent service includes

  • Forwarding any legal documents or tax notices from the State government.
  • Accepting any legal service of process and forwarding it on to your company.
  • Availability of a qualified, experienced attorney to assist you if you have problems you can't handle.

Charges for Resident Agent Service

If we incorporate your company in the state where you live (other than Arizona) our agents agree to provide the first two services without charge for the first six months ($50 for the first year), and for $99 per year thereafter. If you incorporate in a non-participating state (other than Arizona), service is available for $115 per year. In any case, the third service requires a separate arrangement between you and the attorney.

For our services as agent in Arizona (only), we charge $75 per year (first year free) if we incorporated the company in the first place, and $99 per year if we did not.

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