Secretary of state California corporations information and other explanatory notes regarding incorporation: (the capitalized phrases below are the phrases which appear as hyperlinks on the web page which contains the special offer regarding California corporations and llcs)

WITHIN 24 HOURS: We will transmit the Articles of Incorporation (or Articles of Organization for llcs) to the Secretary of State within 24 hours after you have (1) provided payment for our services and the fees we must pay out (charge cards are considered immediate payment, checks require clearing time) and (2) given your approval to the name to be used and the names and addresses for the parties to be listed in the articles and signed any necessary documents. The Secretary requires original documents, which obviously means that fax filing and electronic filing is not available. We can speed up this process by expedited handling ($95 additional), which means overnight to our messenger in Sacramento, hand delivery to the government, payment of the special handling fee and pick-up (when ready) by our messenger.There is no faster way unless you want to pay the Secretary $350 extra for 24 hour service.

CHECKING YOUR NAME: The name checks we conduct for domain name purposes and on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office trademark search facility are exact name searches only. It is possible that there is a trademark in existence which is "confusingly similar" (see limitations regarding USPTO searches) to your name, and this possibility (while slim) cannot be eliminated by the searches we are making, or by the name check with the Secretary. In conducting these name checks, we are relying upon the information provided to us and cannot be responsible for errors in that information.

"HOME STATE INCORPORATIONS" means companies where a principal party in the company is a resident. It does not include situations where no participant in the company is a resident.

ACKNOWLEDGED FILING...: The Secretary will not acknowledge the articles filing immediately upon filing, although our messenger knows when filing occurred if you elect our expedited handling. The effective date for your company will be the date and time it was filed if there is no name conflict.


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