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Starting a Small Business Site Index

Starting small business? Incorporating an existing business? Forming an LLC? Protecting your name, logo or trademark? Search this site for help, or navigate with the menu bar above and the links below, or contact us by email if you can't find the answers you need.

asset protection
attorney participation (see FAQ)
"bare bones" package (see fees)
bylaws (see fees)
C corporation (see comparison)
corporate taxation (see choices, comparison)
corporation described (see FAQ)
corporation: california, delaware, florida
--same: georgia, nevada new jersey
costs (see fees)
cost to incorporate (see fees, corp)
credit cards (see order...)
dealing with attorneys
Delaware vs your home state (see home state)
do it yourself (see fees - overview)
e-mail (see Reach Us, on menu bar)
explanatory notes: california, delaware, florida
--same: georgia, nevada new jersey
FAQ: corp, llc
Fees (overview)
fees: corp, llc
fees,lawyer (see dealing...)
home state, form in
incorporation cost (see fees,corp)
incorporation pros and cons (see FAQ)
incorporation (see order...)
Inc. LinkSM (see credentials on Menu Bar)
"knockout" search
lawyer formation (see credentials, Menu Bar)
lawyer participation (see FAQ)
lawyer selection (see dealing...)
legal assistance (see credentials, Menu Bar)
limited liability corporation
llc compared (see comparison)
llc described (see FAQ)
llc formation cost (see fees, llc)
llc pros and cons (see FAQ)
mail (see Reach Us, on menu bar)
minutes (see fees)
minute book (see fees)
naming company (see FAQ)
Nevada vs your home state (see home state)
non-lawyer (see credentials, Menu Bar)
operating agreement (see fees, llc)
order corporation
order llc
paper work (see FAQ)
pass through taxation (see choices,comparison)
partnership compared (see choices)
protecting assets (see asset protection)
public company (see comparison)
records required (see comparison)
resident (registered, statutory) agent list
resident agent services
registered agent service (see order,,,)
S corporation compared (see comparison)
S corporation, advantages
seal (see fees)
search costs (see trademark costs)
sole proprietorship (see choices)
service mark (see trademark)
specialization (see dealing with attorneys)
starting small business
structure of corporation (see FAQ)
structure of llc (see FAQ)
taxation (see comparison)
tax number (see order...)
telephone (see Reach Us, on menu bar)
trademark application
trademark costs
trademark law, education
turnkey incorporation, llc
where to form (see home state)

Incorporate, (start, create,form) corporation, llc, limited liability company