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Learning about trademarks and service marks

The vast majority of trademarks and service marks depend upon a word or words. If people are favorably impressed with the product, they remember the words. Think about it. You undoubtedly have a vague conception of what the GE logo looks like, but if you are searching for General Electric you search by words, and not by that vague conception. Most will remember the highly (and expensively) advertised swoosh used by Nike, but if they are searching for the company they will still search for "Nike". The point is that while a striking logo may make you more likely to remember the company, you will remember and search for the company and not for the logo. In other words, a logo simply calls attention to the company.

A text based cheaper, because you don't have to worry about paying an artist to create a drawing page which will be satisfactory to the USPTO. Typically, artist fees run $100 to $150.

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