Date Description of Item
11/28/1997 Big started distributing TaxHQ newsletters (3 issues in 1997 and 1998)
03/1999 first newspaper ad using Small's TaxHQ mark
08/15/2004 Small told it had obtained domain
09/09/2004 Small filed its TaxHQ service mark with USPTO
10/2004 Big registered domain
11/01/2004 telephone conversation Mr. Cpaatty (for Small), Mr. Official (for Big)
11/08/2004 Small received copies of TaxHQ newsletter from Big
11/26/2004 Big filed TaxHQ trademark with USPTO for newsletter
winter 2004 last issue of newsletter using the name TaxHQ
03/10/2005 Big filed "Big TaxHQ " service mark with USPTO
07/2005 Small registered domain
10/07/2005 Small TaxHQ service mark registered by USPTO
11/19/2005 Big told USPTO "goods" for TaxHQ application was newsletter
05/19/2006 Big "TaxHQ" trademark registered by USPTO
06/2006 Small's website operational
01/12/2007 Big's "Big TaxHQ" trademark registered by USPTO
06/2007 Big got first notice of Small's TaxHQ registration and use, per Big
07/02/2007 Small received cease and desist letter
07/02/2007 Big registered domain name
07/05/2007 Cpaatty assigned TaxHQ service mark registration to Small
07/06/2007 Small's complaint for infringement by Big
07/14/2007 Big served with complaint
07/29/2007 Big's preliminary injunction memorandum
07/29/2007 Big's counterclaim against Cpaatty and Small
07/29/2007 Big's first discovery
08/2007 Small and Cpaatty first learned of relationship of Big to NewBiz
08/08/2007 responses due from Small, Cpaatty regarding Big discovery
08/11/2007 Small's deposition by Big
08/12/2007 Small's response to Big's preliminary injuntion motion
08/13/2007 Cpaatty declaration (testimony)
08/19/2007 Big's reply in support of preliminary injunction motion
08/23/2007 Small answer to Big's counterclaim
08/23/2007 declaration of ex-employee
09/03/2007 Cpaatty answer to Big's counterclaim
10/18/2007 ex Big employee's deposition
10/24/2007 Cpaatty declaration No. 2
10/26/2007 Small memo in support of Small's preliminary injunction motion
11/22/2007 Small preliminary injunction hearing memo
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