what does this mean? (minimum legal mumbo-jumbo)


Dear Mr. Cpaatty:

Big has been providing services pertaining to state income, sales, property and other taxation, for many years. Work in this field has built for Big throughout the United States valuable goodwill and a reputation for quality service. At least as early as 1997, Big began using TaxHQ® as the title for its newsletter to communicate with clients and potential clients. Because of the identification with Big and associated goodwill that the TaxHQ® name developed, we also have used it as the name for our website (TaxHQ.com), through which we offer services pertaining to state income, sales, property and other taxation and associated services over the internet. We have invested substantially in the development of the site over the years and it is the premier web-based solution for businesses seeking services such as ours. Big's goodwill and reputation are associated wilh the TaxHQ® name and marks.

A recent search of the internet using the term "TaxHQ" revealed that you have, either individually or through your company Small, created a web site which directly infringes our rights in our "TaxHQ" tradename and in our federally registered marks TaxHQ® and Big TaxHQ®. Please be advised that our rights in both the name and the marks are a very valuable asset and are superior to any which you may claim. We cannot and will not stand for your offering the same or similar services to ours under the name TaxHQ® or any similar name, nor will we permit you to infringe our name and marks by using TaxHQ® or any similar term as a metatag which will direct people searching the internet to your site. We demand that you immediately cease and desist from using the name TaxHQ® or any similar name in any way. Please take all necessary steps to ensure that your use stops immediately and provide us with evidence of the same, including evidence that TaxHQ® or any similar name is no longer being used as a metatag.

after this, it is time for a flashback to the origins of the case