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X. Big Employee, being first duly sworn, upon oath deposes and says:

    1. I was employed by Big, as it was known when I left and other names prior thereto, from May, 2002 through January, 2007.

    2. I was employed as an account manager.
    3. The company's marketing efforts were primarily directed at accounting and law firms with clients large enough to have multi-state operations and corporations large enough to have multi-state operations, so that the company could serve with respect to tax-related activities and as a regulatory consultant in a number of states for a single client. No marketing effort was directed toward securing start-up entities as clients.
    4. If start-up entities would come in from some other source than accounting firms, law firms or in-house counsel for large corporations, they would be transferred over to NewBiz Corporation ("NB"), which was acquired because the company wanted to expand its business in that area.
    5. Care was taken to be sure that accounting firms, law firms and large corporations did not contact NB, or even know of the relationship, since the schedule of fees for accounting firms, law firms and larger corporations was higher than NB's schedule of fees and the business was thus more profitable.
    6. During the period prior to January, 2006, NB would advertise in the Wall Street Journal, and I do not believe that the TaxHQ Newsletter was ever used by NB because the company did not want to mix the two. I cannot say for certain that NB did not ever give a copy of the TaxHQ Newsletter to a prospective customer or to a customer, but I do know that I never handed out the newsletter to try to get any start-up entity business.
    7. I never had an exact number with respect to the circulation of the TaxHQ Newsletter, but my impression was always that it was somewhere between 500 and 1,000 copies. I did not use the TaxHQ Newsletter, nor do I believe that anyone else did, to promote the service of providing tax services with respect to choice of entity questions or the formation of entities.
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